Milk Thistle Seeds Information

What exactly is the purpose of milk thistle? A lot of persons have been asking that question recently. It has been in use for many years as a way to treat disorders of the gall bladder and liver. It is also referred to as Silymarin which is extracted from the milk thistle seeds and is classified as a flavonoid complex.

This particular substance has been used in the treatment of hepatitis. Many studies have been done to evaluate the positive effects of milk thistle on this particular disease but the findings have not been conclusive.

Milk thistle seed extract is also known to improve the function of the liver and treat cirrhosis.

milk thistle seedsIs there anything else that milk thistle seeds can be used for? It provides great protection from liver damage. It helps to rid it of harmful toxins that can accumulate from the use of certain types of medication and alcohol. Research is being done to evaluate its effectiveness on lowering high cholesterol and cancer prevention.

Of course women that are breastfeeding or pregnant should not use it unless they have been advised to do so by a doctor. As the milks thistle seeds do help to keep blood sugar low persons with diabetes ought to take it with caution.

The leaves and seeds of milk thistle have been utilized for a number of medicinal reasons ranging from the treatment of jaundice to aiding in the increase in the production of breast milk. It has also been used as food.

As more and more benefits are discovered the research continues to find any other benefits that it is able to provide. It has been discovered that milk thistle seeds extract does contain some anti oxidant properties and helps to protect the body from free radicals as well.

The user must ensure that they are taking the correct dosage of the product which should not be more than one hundred to two hundred milligrams twice per day.

The best thing to do is to locate a supplement that has the right amount of milk thistle seed extract and that it is not some synthetic version.

Taking care of the liver should be on everybody’s checklist as it has such a vital function in the body. Some of the signs of decreased liver function that you can look out for are fatigue, general tiredness, constipation, digestive upsets, chemical sensitivities, allergies and jaundice.

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