Milk Thistle For Dogs

Milk thistle for dogs is famous for its ability to work wonders in both animals and humans alike. The plant contains a natural ingredient called silymarin. This compound has been studied and found to not only be safe for use but also effective in helping to treat many liver problems. It also has been found to work with the kidneys and poisoning from mushrooms and lead. Veterinarians who practice holistic animal care, have found that using milk thistle for dogs will counteract the effects of canine liver disease.

It has shown, numerous times, it is safe for dogs and does not produce unwanted side effects. In higher dosages, animals experienced mild gas, diarrhea, and stomach upset. Common uses for the silymarin compound in milk thistle in dogs include protection of the liver. Silymarin increases the resistance of liver cells when faced with toxins and helps it to rejuvenate and grow healthy new cells. Any dog who has been diagnosed with liver tumors, cancer, hepatitis, pancreatic, or fatty liver disease can benefit from milk thistle for dogs. Owners who want to help cleanse their pets delicate system after de-wormer, medication, chemotherapy, heartworm medication, or vaccinations should use milk thistle for dogs to clear them out.

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milk thistle for dogs

The proper milk thistle for dogs dosage is a supplement with a hundred milligrams of the herb itself. This is only with products containing eighty percent of silymarin. Dogs suffering from advanced stage liver disease, two hundred milligrams of milk thistle for every pound of dog is acceptable. For other health conditions treatable with mil thistle, the dosage is lowered to seventy-five milligrams for every ten pounds of weight. If the stomach upset, gas, or diarrhea occur, lower the dosage until they stop. Make sure you give your pet the most natural supplement you can find. This means that it does not have any colors or artificial ingredients. Healthy dogs do not need the milk thistle for dogs as a daily supplement if they are healthy. Long term use in healthy dogs can actually do the opposite and bother the liver function. Supplements usually come in pill form. Each bottle can contain around ninety pills and two are given daily for dogs that are over twenty five pounds but under fifty. Dogs who are under the twenty-five pound mark should only take one pill daily. One bottle should last a month or two. Canines taking milk thistle for dogs, who are over fifty pounds will take four pills each day. The bottle will have more detailed instructions for use.

Milk thistle for dogs has been hailed as a strong antioxidant. It can clean the kidneys and liver of anything unhealthy and remove it from the body. It will help to grow new liver cells. Kidney failure and liver failure are treatable with this supplement. Regulation of the dogs bodily fluids and blood cleansing are also possible. There are a few companies who offer the milk thistle for dogs. Before purchasing any supplement, make sure it is pure milk thistle. You can also choose to buy a multi-supplement containing vitamins B12 and B1, dandelion, or nettle root. It should be preservative free. The natural supplement will work to clear out the preservatives and unhealthy ingredients your dogs food contains. This is especially true if your dogs food is not as natural and healthy as it should be.

The price for milk thistle for dogs is relatively inexpensive. It runs about twenty dollars a bottle for ninety pills or around $13 for a 1fluid oz bottle. Internet orders usually arrive in about 5 business days. You may be able to buy these supplements directly from your veterinarian. When you consider how much your veterinarian charges for visits and the high cost of medical treatment for animals, it is a wise choice to give your dog a natural healing alternative Humans work to care for themselves in natural and healthy ways and it is only right to care for your family friend in the same way. Milk thistle for dogs needs to be considered and used to give them a long and happy life. To order a bottle of milk thistle for dogs click the link Liver, Kidney & Pancreatic Health.