Milk Thistle Tea Benefits

Milk thistle tea is made from the seeds of a particular daisy known as the Silybum Adans. It is endemic to the Middle East, Mediterranean areas and North Africa. Milk thistle is referred to as Silybum Marianum, Carduus Marianus and holy Thistle as well. The plant itself is tall and fine and has spiny and waved leaves that contain a white milky substance.
Milk thistle tea benefits mainly come in the form of being able to regenerate and protect the liver and help with a number of liver diseases like Hepatitis, Jaundice, Cholangitis (swelling of the bile ducts) and Cirrhosis (hardening of the liver).

The main component of this seed is Silymarin which aids in liver protection. This is classified as a flavoonoid and it has four isomers: isosilybinin, silybinin, silydianin and silychristin. You can make milk thistle tea by putting approximately one third to one half ounces of the seed of the milk thistle in two cups of water and allow it to sit for approximately forty four minutes. After this strain the solution and the milk thistle dosage is one third of the tea per day. This should be split into three doses. A lot of persons also believe the tea is more helpful if it is made using some form of alcohol based extract. Note however that those with more complex liver problems are to avoid this option.

Milk thistle tea benefitsA few of the milk thistle tea benefits are listed below:

The tea detoxifies and cleanses the liver.
The tea helps the liver to clean the blood.
The tea may be used as a part of the treatment process against certain types of diseases of the liver such as hepatitis, liver cancer, cirrhosis and gall stones.
The tea helps to increase the flow of the intestinal tract and the secretion of bile.
The tea can aid in alleviating bladder and kidney irritations.
The tea aid in helping to clear any obstructions from the spleen.
The milk tea thistle tea benefits can go on and on. Nowadays more than ever the liver has to be fighting off a lot of attacks. Is it subject to the effects of manmade chemicals, environmental pollution, synthetic medication, processed foods, diseases and viruses.The liver really can use the help from the right amounts of milk thistle dosage per day. It is an all natural product which can easily be acquired and once it is used correctly will help to detoxify the liver and protect the body.

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