Milk Thistle Side Effects

One treatment for liver and gallbladder disorders has been milk thistle, and it has been for as long as 2 thousand years ago.  Milk thistle belongs to the Silybum Adans species with the name being derived from the small splashes of white that are on the thistles as well as for the fact that it has in a lot of milky sap.

Studies that have been done in more recent times have shown that the milk thistle is usually very helpful to the liver of human beings.  It assists with the protection of the cells of the liver from a number of toxic agents that can cause damage to it.  It is also believed by many scientists that the Silymarin; the substance in the milk thistle creates new cells in the liver and fixes the cells that have been damaged.  It is also said to be an extremely potent antioxidant as well as to assist the liver in keeping hazardous fibers at bay.

Milk thistle side effects

However, even though milk thistles are so helpful ad useful, there are still milk thistle side effects. The side effects of milk thistle are often times related to people mixing it with other medications and this should never be done.  This is so due to the fact that a lot of other medications have a tendency to negatively react to milk thistle.

In addition to the aforementioned, milk thistle is very harmful to mothers who are breastfeeding as well as to women who are pregnant.  It has been said that this is not a documented proof, but who would want to take the risk if it could harm the child?

One very important thing to note is that milk thistle should be ingested as prescribed by a doctor.  The dosage should never be more than forty one months as there are times when longer taking of the milk thistle will cause the person to become addicted to it.  Other milk thistle side effects include diarrhea that is caused by taking too much of it for too long.  There will be a time during long-lasting periods of taking milk thistles when your body will start rejecting it.  When this happens, this will cause nausea, upset stomach as well as bloating.  In cases like these, you will need to consult a doctor.

Persons who have issues such as an allergic reaction to things like ragweed should not take milk thistle as it will more often than not cause an allergic reaction.  In addition, persons who have cancer should not ingest milk thistle ether as they too may have an allergic reaction to it as well.

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