10 Ways for Seniors to Stay Active in the Summer Months

Summertime may seem like a great time for staying active, but the good weather can sometimes actually pose a problem, particularly for seniors.

The sun can make outdoor exercise more challenging. You can beat the heat by participating in a less strenuous exercise routine during the summer months and going outdoors in the early morning and evening. Or you can simply stay indoors!

Here are a few ideas to help you keep active even if it’s scorching. Of course, every person is unique. An activity that’s safe for one senior may be too much for someone else, so always consult with a medical professional before making any major changes to your routine.

  1. Yoga. It’s agreat indoor activity that helps with strength and flexibility. If you’re just starting, look for a slower type of yoga, like hatha or restorative yoga. Speak with the yoga instructor before class to let her know of any health issues you have. That way she can offer alternatives to poses that may be a problem for you.
  2. Dancing. Zumba is particularly popular, and you can get moving to a fun Latin beat. Look for classes that are specifically designed for seniors. They may be labeled “Gold” or “Low Impact.” These are designed to go at a slower pace that’s better for your body.
  3. Cooking. This activity isn’t normally associated with staying active, but it gets you on your feet and moving. Plus, you get to enjoy the final product and can even share it with your loved ones.
  4. Water Aerobics. Too hot for your normal aerobic exercises? Take a water aerobics class to get the same benefit. Plus, these exercises are particularly well-suited for seniors since they’re low impact.
  5. Swimming. You don’t need to take a class to get the benefit of water exercise. Just go for a dip and do a few laps.
  6. Walking. Enjoy the early morning hours by talking a stroll. Keep it interesting by finding different trails in your area.
  7. Mall Walks. Not up for getting up early? Take a stroll indoors with mall walking. Taking a jaunt up and down the long (air conditioned!) halls is sure to get your heart pumping.
  8. Tai Chi. This activity has many similarities to yoga but it focuses on staying in motion rather than holding poses. Some studies have said that it’s better than yoga at helping you maintain balance while moving.
  9. Vitamin D.One of the best ways to stay active is to take care of your health. After all, you’re not going to feel like getting moving if you’re not feeling well. If you spend too much time away from the sun, you may not get enough vitamin Dsince it’snormally absorbed through sunlight. And if you’re experiencing bone pain or muscle weakness, talk to your health care provider to find out if you need a supplement.
  10. Gardening. Another activity best practiced early or late in the day. You can also help stay cool by planting your garden in a shady area, but be sure to select plants that will thrive under these circumstances.

Staying hydrated is crucial, particularly for seniors. So keep a bottle of water on hand when taking part in any summer activity!

About the author:Juliana Weiss-Roessler runs Weiss-Roessler Writing with her husband Josh. She often covers senior issues, specifically CCRC’s.  Her writing has been featured on high-traffic websites, such as Yahoo.com, and in major publications, such as PARADE and People. Along with her husband, Juliana lives in Austin, TX, with their two tiny-but-rambunctious dogs and one tiny-but-rambunctious baby boy.


Weight Loss Supplements That Really Work

In the United States alone, there are reported to be over 100 million people on diets, and they are spending over $20 billion on weight loss products and supplements in order to reach a certain number. Some of these dieters have been losing the same 20 pounds over and over again for 20 years. Losing weight is not about shedding pounds overnight, and then returning to the same eating habits. Weight loss is about creating a healthy lifestyle with safe weight loss, and by using natural supplements to enhance the system to release fat while learning the new lifestyle.

The diet supplement aisle at the supermarket can be overwhelming because the fad diet tricks are mixed in with the healthy diet supplements. Here is the list made according to the respected database results of the latest research on supplements.  The following are the most effective natural supplements that alternative medicine recommends nowadays. The following list of seven proven weight loss supplements are rated Grade A and B in the and scientific evidence has proven that these supplements stimulate weight loss. All dieters do not have the same systems, so one may work better with one person and another work better for someone else. Here are my top seven recommendations for natural weight loss supplements.

1. Beta Glucan is a soluble fiber made from algae, mushrooms and yeasts. The fiber lowers cholesterol, which decreases the amount that must be digested and weight loss occurs. It also assists in controlling diabetes. Cholesterol clogs the arteries, so the lower the number, the better for general health.

2. Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA is a type of fat, which has been proven to be beneficial in breaking up fat so that it can be transported out of the body. CLA is found naturally in beef and dairy products, but taking supplements is easy and effective. CLA has been known for other health benefits, as well.

3. Chitosan is a fiber that is made from shrimp and other crustacean shells and has been used in holistic alternative medicine to lower cholesterol as well as reducing the absorption of fat into the body.

4. Hydroxycitrate, Hydroxycitric Acid or HCA is a salt derived from the rinds of two Southeast Asian plants – Brindall Berry and Garcinia Cambodia. In the US, they are combined and sold in both drug stores and natural food stores because they were originally used for joint pain and stomach problems. The names appear differently in diet supplements, typically Citrilite, Citrin and PhyrutriMax, and in brand name products like Max 3000 and Garcinia Trim-Pulse. The research on the combination shows that when used regularly, they increase fat metabolism, help control appetite and lower cholesterol.

5. Glucomannan comes from an Asian plant called Konjac. This plant contains fiber that has been found to be extremely successful in controlling blood sugar and diabetes, as well as fighting fat. Glucomannan also absorbs water in the colon, and this reduces carb absorption and lowers cholesterol.

6. Mango Seed Fiber is a traditional weight loss supplement that is gaining popularity each day. It is derived from the African Mango tree and typically can be used either alone or combined with other supplements.

7. Whey Protein is one of people’s favorites because it is healthy and beneficial to the body, whether losing weight or maintaining it. Whey protein is derived from the whey in milk and was previously used mainly by bodybuilders to build muscle mass. In the past 20 years, it has been rediscovered for its weight loss properties. This easily digestible form of protein has been found to suppress the appetite while adding 20 – 50 grams of protein, which assists in transforming fat into muscle, and muscle burns twice as many calories as fat even while at rest. A whey protein shake can be used to replace one or two meals a day to lose weight.

All of these supplements can be used alone or in combination with other supplements with no risk at all. They are supplements are not passing fads, and they have been proven over the test of time to be effective in weight loss and attaining a healthy lifestyle.

Sashka is a nature lover and a part time blogger. She loves to write about health, fitness, lifestyle, green living, fitness and health retreats. She is living a healthy lifestyle and her priority is regular exercise. This post was inspired by ideas and tips on how to lose weight and get into great shape.

Health Care Methods for HIV-Infected Individuals

There are hundreds of diseases that cause heartache, pain and devastation; one of those diseases is HIV, the virus that can cause AIDS.  Today’s treatments for HIV and AIDS have come a long way since the virus was first discovered in the 1980s. There are an array of treatment and several HIV/AIDS and health care systems that are used to assist patients that are living with the HIV AIDS virus.

People that require treatment for the HIV AIDS virus are women whom are HIV positive and pregnant, those who have an opportunistic infection and for those who’s CD4 count is 340 and below.

Education:  One way that a health care provider is able to assist people whom have contracted HIV or are at risk for HIV is to provide HIV education.  Providing pamphlets that provide facts on ways to prevent HIV and the modes of transmission of the HIV virus is one of the various health care methods out there.

Medications:  There are several HIV and AIDS medications on the market.  HIV AIDS medications are known as “anti-viral” or “antiretroviral” medications.  There are over 15 antiretroviral medications available that are approved to treat the HIV virus.

Alternative Therapies:  For patients that do not want to try some of the medications that are available to treat HIV and AIDS there are several holistic HIV AIDS health care methods available to people who have HIV and AIDS. 

Massages are one of the many alternative therapies used in the treatment of HIV and AIDS.  Massages can reduce a person’s amount of stress and eliminate harmful toxins from the body. Massage therapy also decreases a person’s cortisol levels, increases a person’s serotonin levels, improves sleep, increasing a person’s immune system response in a positive way and ease most HIV related symptoms.  

Eating Nutrient Rich Foods:  Ingesting nutrient rich foods may help a person with HIV AIDS live a healthier life.  Foods that a person with the HIV AIDS virus should consume are:  Whole grains, dark, leafy green vegetables, carrots, avocados, peppers, grapes, pineapples, brazil nuts, cashews, almonds, pears, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, cod fish, tilapia, salmon, mushrooms, spinach, lean turkey and lean chicken.  There are also supplements that are available which can assist persons with the HIV and AIDS disease by increasing energy levels and improving the immune system.  Most multivitamins and nutritional supplements are an inexpensive asset to a person with HIV and are one of the best health care methods available.

Exercise:  Exercise is one of the various HIV AIDS health care methods that can benefit an HIV patient.  Exercise is known to increase a person’s sense of well-being and give a boost to the amount of T-cells a person needs to stay healthy.  One type of exercise that a person can partake in is cardio.  Cardio exercise can include walking, jogging, running or rowing can improve the body’s circulation and strengthen a person’s heart muscle.  Strength training is another form of exercise that is proven to be beneficial for people with HIV and AIDS.

Eat Stop Eat, by Brad Pilon

Eat Stop Eat is a special program that was developed for losing weight. This program was created by the well-known fitness guru, Brad Pilon. Eat Stop Eat is a special E-book that contains important information on the Eat Stop Eat method, which is a revolutionary eating plan and exercise regimen. Its creator, Brad Pilon, has a degree in nutrition; he has also gained knowledge by traveling across the world to study weight loss. On top of that, Brad is a fitness expert, which makes him more than qualified for creating this program.Eat Stop Eat has been controversial because it allows dieters to eat normally for a period of time; during this time, dieters can continue their regular diets and consume whatever they please in whatever quantities they please. However, once the eating period ends, the dieters must stop consuming food for 24 hours. Because it encourages periods of fasting in dieters, this program has gained plenty of unwanted controversy because it is promoting unhealthy eating habits. Nevertheless, people who have tried this program claim that it’s one of the best ways to lose unwanted bulge.

This program is very effective for losing weight. Here is the science: in order to be considered in starvation mode, your body must go 72 hours without eating food. So, because this program’s fasting periods are no more than 24 hours, dieters won’t experience starvation mode, which is a common concern people have when they hear about Eat Stop Eat. Another concern with this program is a slower metabolism. However, there has been research indicating that lack of foods for a certain period of time can cause the metabolism to speed up.

Another aspect of the Eat Stop Eat program is the exercise routine. Because this program encourages weight training, people who try it out end up gaining a leaner, fat-free physique. Thanks to a highly effective exercise routine, people who follow this program won’t lose precious muscle mass.

A great thing about this program is that people who try it out won’t have to deprive themselves of their favorite foods. The reason why is because this program is highly flexible and lets dieters eat the foods they love while still encouraging healthy habits.

Overall, this program has provided amazing results for the majority of individuals, and it is completely safe. So, if you are interested in losing weight, then you should try the Eat Stop Eat method.

If you’re looking for somewhere in Australia to get the Eat Sop Eat program, why not check out this site? They provided the post, and they are Australia’s premier online retailer for the program. If you think the diet suits your needs, why not check it out?


Losing weight can be hard for almost anyone but there are plenty of helpful weight loss supplements and Xenadrine is one of them. Xenadrine is not your average weight loss supplement, it increases your bodies natural body temperature through what is called thermogenics. Through this process your body will shed calories at a much expedited state than regular supplements would. It also lessens the amount of times you will become hungry during the day while also decreasing your food cravings so you do not consume any extra sugary or starchy foods that would effectively counter any diet. You may also experience increased energy through out the day. You will also benefit from more controlled blood sugar levels.
This will cause you to lose weight much faster than you normally would. Xenadrine is a proven to work supplement for losing weight when it is combined with its effective calorie blasting exercise programs and dietary guidelines that consist of only consuming foods that are low in fats and calories while also making sure to drink plenty of water in the process. The exercises you are asked to do are revolved around strength training and anything in the cardiovascular or aerobic exercises. Xenadrine contains many of the natural ingredients that other popular weight loss supplements contain like chromium polynicotinate, ginger root, cocoa extract, garcinia cambogia, guarana, pantothentic acid, and white willow bark.
 Each of these ingredients are nutrients that assist the body in the regulation of carbs and lipid acids, both of which are large causes of rapid weight gain. These will keep the metabolism regulated and keep it from acting to quickly and stay at a consistent temperature as the thermogenics take effect.
Xenadrine does not contain ephedrine, a common ingredient in weight loss products that fights of weight gain and medical conditions such as nasal congestion or low blood pressure but also intensifies high blood pressure and the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Products with this ingredient have since been removed from the market for the risks that greatly outweigh the benefits. You may also experience lifting in moods while taking this as certain amino acids contained in Xenadrine are responsible for elevated moods. You will also receive an increase of riboflavin and thiamin, and vitamins B6 and B12 that will give your body the correct amount of nutrients it needs. Over all Xenadrine is a proven effective way to shed excess weight you are not comfortable with.

Xenadrine(r) XT(tm)

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