Milk Thistle Dosage

Milk thistle, which is also known as lady’s thistle and Marian thistle, is credited with the ability to boost human milk production and help with liver ailments. This plant was very popular with the Greek and Roman cultures. Milk thistle dosage was also found in written works from the same time. Documented was its positive effect on the liver and helping to rid the body of excess bile and toxins. In the 16th century, it was noted for its ability to not only clean the liver but the blood, as well. Common uses for milk thistle included antidote for death cap mushroom toxicity in humans and animals if given within ten minutes of the poisoning. If given within a day of the poison, it reduced the chances of liver damage. In today’s society, the milk thistle is used for viral hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, and hepatitis due to alcoholism.  Medical advancement is also trying to find the right milk thistle dosage to help treat cancer. Studies show that this cleansing plant is capable of lowering the amount of blood that travels to the cancer cells. It will also lower the lifespan of the cancer cells and the rate at which they reproduce. With all this to its advantage, this plant is worth trying.

Milk thistle dosage

Before trying any new supplement, it is essential to know about any side effects it may cause and the right milk thistle dosage to get the full effects. The correct milk thistle dosage in humans depends on a variety of factors. When the right milk thistle dosage is achieved, the usual side effects are lowered or not experienced at all. These effects include: insomnia, headaches, possible impotency and weakness. Many individuals who had these symptoms were not taking the correct milk thistle dosage nor taking a reputable brand. Not all brands available are pure milk thistle, approved by the FDA, and they may contain contaminants. You do have the option to choose milk thistle in many forms and the dosage may vary with type. Liquid, dried herb capsules, tinctures, fruit, and tea are available. It is also possible to take the raw leaves and use them as you would lettuce in your daily salad.

No matter what type you choose, if the treatment is being used for liver ailments or cleansing, the normal dosage would be a minimum of 280 milligrams each day. The maximum amount would be no more than 420 milligrams daily. It is best to start with the lower milk thistle dosage and work your way up until you reach a lever, under the maximum amount, that is right for you. The dosage can not be taken at one time but will need to be equally spaced through a twenty-four hour day. It is advisable to contact your primary care physician before starting any milk thistle dosage so they can monitor you and possible suggest an appropriate daily amount. For children, it is essential that you do not give them any unless their pediatrician recommends and approves the milk thistle dosage. Proper milk thistle dosage has been credited with helping to repair damage done by drugs and alcohol and healed the liver. The correct dosage for this would be two times each day with each being 120 milligrams.

Before using any milk thistle dosage, it is best to check with your doctor. The safety of the milk thistle is not known for women who are pregnant. Anyone who suffers from low blood sugar, diabetic, or those who take medicine for blood sugar, needs to be especially careful as the milk thistle dosage can possible lower blood sugar more. There is also a risk that milk thistle can act like the hormone estrogen. Women with hormone disorders should not take the milk thistle. It can also lower the effects of birth control. Individuals with allergies to certain types of daisies, kiwi, artichokes, or other thistle like plants, need to stay away from milk thistle dosage in any amount. If you feel any side effects, after taking a milk thistle dosage, contact your doctor right away.

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